Turtle is the first phantom liquidity protocol: no smart contracts, no counterparty risk, and no fees. We are advancing Web3 security standards, while democratizing access to liquidity deals throughout Web3.
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Why We Made Turtle Club
Monetize Liquidity
Eigenlayer commoditized trust and security, while Turtle is commoditizing liquidity. By democratizing backroom liquidity deals, LPs can sell their liquidity to protocols.
The First Phantom Protocol
An innovative approach to pooling liquidity without creating Honey Pots. No counterparty risk, no smart contracts and no fees.
Turtle Shield
The Turtle Club conducts independent security reviews to quantify the security of Partners. Turtle Shields are awarded to projects that adhere to the highest security standards.
Turtle Rewards
Earn Turtle Points by contributing liquidity to Turtle Partners. Each time Turtle LPs generate a contribution to the TurtleDAO, they are rewarded with Turtle rewards.
Risk-Adjusted Rewards
Enjoy the best-in-class collective security and bargaining power in Web3. Turtles can be found where the best yield is to be found.
Modular Ecosystem Layer
Turtle sits underneath all of the L1s, L2s, bridges, base assets, and dApps that plug into it. Allowing our Partners to tap into the Turtles' liquidity, user, and dApp ecosystems.
Welcome to our thriving ecosystem where innovation meets collaboration. At the heart of Turtle lies its protocol partners, each playing a vital role in our mission to empower Web3 and decentralized finance. From Ethereum staking to yield farming, our ecosystem offers diverse range of opportunities for LPs, Developers, Auditors, Investors and VCs.